Why Choose Sterlings?

So What Does This Mean To You?

Greater Exposure!
Greater Market Share!

When you are ready to sell your business consider this: because Sterling Business Agents/Brokers has sold thousands of businesses we have therefore over the years developed thousands of valuable connections. Together with our  staff we have established a comprehensive buyer database and referral system as well as forged valuable networks and relationships with other allied professionals such as,Accountants, Lawyers, Buyers Advocates, Finance Specialists, Business and Management Consultants: Who collectively work together to ensure you receive maximum price, premium service, and utmost confidentiality when selling your business.

Melbourne Business Brokers – For The 21st Century.

The Advantages of Selling through an experienced Sterlings business broker.

It is commonly recognised that we live in an age of specialisation where the professional brokers approach pays dividends.

A recent survey of our sales records revealed that less than 50% of all our brokers’ sales were made as a result of direct response from an advertisement on a specific business. In other words, more than half of the businesses brokered with our company would not have been sold or could have been sold for a lower price if we had relied solely on direct advertising.

Business owners who advertise their own business must therefore face significant restrictions when trying to sell. It may be that they are unable to find a buyer or alternatively if they have a readily saleable business, it is very unlikely that the best price will be achieved.


There are three main benefits in engaging Sterling Business Agents to sell your business.

1. Access to prospective purchasers.
2. A greater chance of obtaining the best price.
3. A professional approach to the marketing and selling of your business.

The majority of purchasers will always contact an active business broker where they can spend their limited time viewing a comprehensive selection of businesses.
At Sterling Business Agents/Brokers we keep a computerised database of buyers who are contacted on a regular basis and advised of new listings. This thorough approach to broker your business often results in a sale which would not otherwise have taken place.

One of the most difficult tasks of the private seller is to be sure of obtaining the best possible price for the business. Sterling Business Agents and Brokers has a knowledge of the market, the state of demand, and is in a position to assess the value more accurately than the business owner.

Many vendors are out of touch with values and may under-price their business with obvious consequences. On the other hand many business owners have a more than realistic view of their businesses value and a business which remains unsold for a long period can be a costly and frustrating experience.

Sterling Business Agents/Brokers has professional sales personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to effect a strong sale at the maximum price. Some important areas of marketing are as follows:

(a) Purchasers:
Sterling Business Agents/Brokers  will always QUALIFY a purchaser to establish their financial capabilities and ensure the potential buyer is in a position to purchase. A buyer is very reluctant to discuss personal and financial matters with a vendor who consequently can be strung along.

(b) Finance:
Many prospective purchasers are not able to arrange their own finance. Sterling Business Agents/Brokers possess the knowledge of types of finance available, the various sources and the qualifications required for each. In many cases, Sterling Business Agents/Brokers has access to finance which would not normally be available to the purchaser.

(c) Negotiations:
The importance of an experienced third party in negotiations cannot be overstressed. Sterling Business Agents/Brokers is in a position to discuss matters more openly with a buyer and can assess their limits more accurately. Sterling Business Agents/Brokers  knows the market and are well armed to negotiate the case for the vendor.

(d) Advertising:
Sterling Business Agents/Brokers are experienced in writing advertisements which take advantage of the features and benefits of your business that will draw enquiry. Sterling Business Agents/Brokers know where and when to advertise to obtain maximum coverage.

(e) Inspections:
Sterling Business Agents/Brokers are on call during the day and after hours, seven days a week. It is expected of us and we are prepared for it. Buyers won’t wait — if a vendor is unable to be available for inspections at any time it may be a sale lost at a price hard to repeat. There is no doubt that the owners know their business better than the broker, but very often this is not as important as knowing the buyer and being able to highlight points which are of particular importance to them.

You are probably embarking on the sale of one of  your most valuable assets. We are sure that after considering the above, you will begin to realise that when there is so much at stake, it is wise to have your interests properly represented.

We welcome the opportunity of advising you in more detail on the best method of marketing for your business, and hope you will call our management without obligation for immediate and courteous service.


We work as a single united team with leading firms and give our clients the highest quality services possible.

Sterling Business Agents Pty. Ltd., is a licensed business broker and the company has been established since 1961.